The PolicyMogul platform

Connect with colleagues, other organisations and parliamentarians to make better policy. No lobbying experience needed.



Turn lobbying on its head

The irony is, you don’t need to be a mogul to have an impact on policy. PolicyMogul gives organisations a platform to manage public affairs efforts and have a voice, regardless of size.

Parliamentarians and their staff can quickly and easily find briefing material from companies, charities, trade associations and other sources outside Parliament, allowing them to cut through the fog of information.

PolicyMogul Be-discovered-by-parliamentarians

Be discovered by parliamentarians

We identify MPs and peers who share your interests and make your profile and campaigns available to them. In addition, they actively use our platform to search for information on specific issues.

PolicyMogul manage your campaigns

Manage your campaigns

Monitor the progress of your work, log activities and assign tasks. Keep track of documentation, relevant events and contacts, all in one place. Templates ensure documentation is presented to parliamentarians in a suitable format.

PolicyMogul Collaborate internally externally

Collaborate internally and externally

Work with your team and with other organisations towards the same goals. Share documentation, events and contacts and communicate with relevant parliamentarians. A live chat facility helps you work in real time with collaborators.

PolicyMogul for MPs and peers

PolicyMogul gives parliamentarians and their staff the opportunity to get closer to sources of interest to them, opening the industry of lobbying to all organisations, regardless of size.

policymogul briefing material by subject

Briefing material by subject

Identify companies, charities, umbrella groups, unions and other organisations of all sizes campaigning or collaborating on your interests, and find or request briefing material from them.

PolicyMogul briefing material

Bespoke parliamentary calendar

Based on your interests and parliamentary work, the calendar links events at Westminster with briefing material relevant to you, supplementing the information provided by the Parties and Libraries.

PolicyMogul Avoid Information Overload

Avoid information overload

Instead of being expected to read through emails from hundreds of organisations, PolicyMogul gives you the opportunity to look for information relevant to specific issues.


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