Monitor and influence the policy landscape

Keep up to date with tailored developments from Parliament, Government and the wider policy-forming arena

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What does PolicyMogul do?

We monitor the entire policy landscape, so that organisations of all sizes and parliamentarians can keep on top of developments of importance to them.

Our real-time coverage includes political announcements, legislation, parliamentary proceedings, consultations, events and social media posts by MPs, peers and other political commentators.


PolicyMogul is a great step towards making public affairs more accessible to organisations of all sizes.


Lord David Blunkett, former Home Secretary

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Elevate your public affairs work

The Basic Plan is free of charge to all users. We’ll soon be introducing paid plans which will include: email alerts; monitoring of social media posts by MPs, peers and other political commentators; and the ability to make press releases and other briefing material available to parliamentarians, media and other users.

Pre-register for a paid plan, and you’ll be offered a 25% discount on your first year, as soon as the plan is available.


With PolicyMogul we can keep on top of political developments that are relevant to our business. It saves us significant time and money, and gives us confidence that nothing is missed.


Jonathan Ainley, Head of Public Affairs, KiWi Power

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