The best policy is made together

Smart organisations use PolicyMogul to streamline campaigns, collaborate with others, and be found by parliamentarians.


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What does PolicyMogul do?

We help organisations and trade associations manage their work, and give a platform to campaigns which may otherwise never be heard.

We also help parliamentarians cut through the fog of unwanted lobbying material and access concise information from sources outside Parliament.

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PolicyMogul Make Connections

Make connections

Find and collaborate with other organisations on issues of mutual interest and be discovered by relevant parliamentarians.

PolicyMogul Manage Campaigns

Manage campaigns

Track parliamentary issues and keep all your documents, contacts and activities in one place. Cut down on wasted time and unnecessary expense.

PolicyMogul Increase Visibility

Increase visibility

PolicyMogul provides a platform for MPs and peers to find you, making it more likely your voice will be heard regardless of the size of your organisation.

PolicyMogul saves us time and gives us greater impact. Without it we would have to go to great expense to engage in the policy-making process with other organisations who would typically lack the resources to do so effectively.

Jonathan Ainley, Head of Public Affairs, KiWi Power

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Parliamentarians: Cut through the noise

As a parliamentarian using PolicyMogul you and your staff will be able to identify organisations working on issues of interest to you, request information from them and access documentation to prepare for upcoming debates and events.

The service supplements the valuable material supplied by the parties and the Libraries of the Houses. It adds a significant new source of information while at the same making time the lobbying industry more transparent.


PolicyMogul is a big step towards making public affairs more accessible to organisations of all sizes.

Lord David Blunkett, former Home Secretary

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Trade associations: Speak with one voice

PolicyMogul gives you an easy way to collaborate with your members and other organisations to create a unified message and maintain an overview of your public affairs efforts. Help your members be heard by the right people.

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